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Support for Schools and Maintained Nurseries

Using my skills as a Specialist Teacher and more recently as the Early Years SEND Lead Teacher for Medway Council. I am able to provide a comprehensive training programme that can be tailored to meet the needs of the children you are supporting and also to support staff with their professional development and confidence to work with children with a range of SEND needs.

I can offer bespoke training sessions for all staff to highlight the importance of the Whole Staff Approach, as required in the Code of Practice. This could be whole staff training sessions for half a day, a full day or a twilight session depending on your individual needs.

Some possible areas to develop:

How best to support children who may present with challenging behaviour.
We can look at your behaviour policy, the challenges faced by staff, how you manage challenging behaviour,strategies and interventions to support children, methods of recording support, issues around physical intervention and how to work in partnership with parents.

How best to use your environment and resources to support children with SEND
If appropriate we can do an audit of resources / environment - looking at what is working well to ensure resources are used to their fullest. I can provide a practical workshop to equipt staff with a wide range of ideas to implement with the children at your Nursery / School.

Supporting SEND children to access the EYFS curriculum
Identifying children with SEND, planning a support programme, setting appropriate targets, moderation of judgements made, referring to outside agencies and working with parents.

Above are a few suggestions but you may have different needs at your Nursery / School which I can discuss with you and then devise a training programme to suit.

Audit of your SEND processes within your school
Working with your staff I can look at the SEND Policy, is it an accurate record of your procedures and processes.
I can look at how staff identify children with SEND, is this done in a timely way, what evidence is used to support staff in making their judgements, how are parents involved in any decision making once staff have identified children, what happens next to support educational planning. I can help staff evaluate how data is collated and then used to inform applications for funding or requests for EHCS where appropriate.

Visits to support educational planning
With parental consent I can visit the Nursery / School where I can offer advice and guidance on support programmes for individual children. I can model activities supporting staff to feel more confident in working with a child. I can help interpret recommendations from other professionals and how best to implement these into a child's programme of support. I can provide reports to summarise my intervention to support educational planning. If required I can undertake a more thorough observation of a child and produce a detailed report. This may be needed for transition to school, additional evidence for discussion at an In School Review or to support a request for consideration of an EHC plan.

Support for NQT'S
Beginning your teaching career is a daunting prospect for all new teachers. This can be compounded if there are children in the cohort who have additional SEND needs and the newly qualified teacher doesn't feel that they have yet developed the necessary tools to feel confident in meeting the developmental needs of these children and their rate of learning.
Depending on the needs of your school I can support individual or groups of NQT'S where we can look at developing their expertise and knowledge so that they feel more confident in working with and supporting these children. This could be achieved through a combination of training, working alongside staff and modelling activities, discussing issues and solutions to the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Thus I can provide a package of support tailored to meet the individual needs of your setting.

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