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Support for parents

Throughout my teaching career I have always valued working in partnership with parents to discuss the needs of their child, the programmes to be used to implement strategies and then reviewing progress and planning the next steps.

In my role as a Specialist Teacher I held a caseload supporting children with a range of SEND needs. My support always began with a home visit to introduce myself and discuss my role. I know how important this face to face contact is, thus in my independent role I will be able to offer the following:

Home Visits
In the comfort of your own home I will be able to meet you and your child to begin to assess their needs and plan a programme of support. I will be able to help with referrals to outside agencies and supporting you to understand the paperwork that you may have received and what this means for your child. If appropriate I can offer a series of home visits to model ideas and strategies to use to support your child. I can help with planning for your child to begin pre-school/school and support with the transition as they start. If we have been working on a programme at home I can produce a transition document to show the setting what we have been working on and how best to help your child.

Pre-School/ Nursery / School Support
I can visit your child at their setting to offer advice and guidance on a support programme. I can provide a number of visits to model for staff how best to work with your child, setting appropriate targets and demonstrating how resources can be used. I can then support the monitoring and tracking of progress and if needed can provide a report summarising my involvement to be used to support educational planning. I can support with referrals to outside agencies. I can undertake an initial assessment at a setting providing observations of your child and a more detailed report with recommendations for staff to implement. This can then be used to support educational planning.

Understanding the Education Health and Care Plan (EHC) process
I can support you with advice on the process to make a request for consideration of an EHC. I will be able to explain the evidence needed to support such a request and the timeline for this Statutory process and how you will be involved in the decision making.

Thus I am able to provide a bespoke support programme to support your child and their individual needs.

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