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About Me

My name is Tina Arterton and I Qualified as a Teacher in 1990. During my nearly 30 years of teaching I have supported children with a wide range of SEND needs working in maintained schools, nurseries and pre-schools.

Professional Qualifications
BA Psychology from Liverpool University
PGCE Education from Brighton University

Working as a class teacher I quickly saw the benefit of differentiating to meet the needs of the children in my classes. I soon realised that some children needed very individualised programmes of work that matched their developmental rate of learning. With these in place they began to thrive and succeed albeit in small steps. Celebrating this success with them and their parents was truly rewarding and my passion for supporting children with SEND had begun.

I have worked as a non-teaching SENDCO in a busy Key Stage 2 School where I supported all staff to meet the needs of the children with SEND, this included long established staff and 3 NQT's who in their first year of teaching needed additional support to set targets, monitor progress and to feel confident to work with parents.

As a Specialist Teacher working for the Advisory Team within Medway Council, I supported pre-schools and Maintained Nurseries where I held a caseload of children requiring support. I would regularly visit the nurseries to offer advice and guidance to staff. I also carried out observations and wrote reports to support educational planning. I supported pre-schools and schools on the process for Statutory Assessment looking at evidence available and supporting requests for Education Health Care Plans (EHC).

As a Specialist Teacher I held a caseload that involved working closely with parents. I would undertake home visits to discuss the needs of individual children and then plan how best to support them. Parents were fully involved in this process, I would them when I visited a setting so they were aware of the support programme for their child. I would support them with visits to see Paediatricians or therapists to share advice but also be a listener so that I could provide feedback and answer questions following the assessment. I would support them with referrals where necessary for additional support such as claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA). I helped them to understand the jargon often contained within professional reports and what this meant for their child. I offered advice on starting pre-school, school and the EHC process so that parents felt part of the process and not that things were happening around them that were out of their control. Parents are the expert on their child and this co-production is vital to ensure the best possible outcomes for a child as they begin their educational journey.

More recently I was the Early Years SEND Lead Teacher for Medway Council where I managed a team of SEND Practitioners responsible for delivering early intervention programmes for children with physical and communication difficulties. The December 2017 OFSTED inspection carried out on the Local Authority (LA), identified Early Years Intervention as a strength and I was part of the strategic team that delivered this success. I was the lead contact for the 100 plus pre-schools providing ongoing support and advice. I was a member of multi agency groups responsible for planning the SEND strategic support within Medway. This involved working with key stakeholders including Health and the Parent Carer's Forum. I planned, co-ordinated and delivered the SEND training programme for the Private Voluntary and Independent (PVI) settings. I organised Cluster sessions bringing local settings together to share good practice and provide peer support. This allowed SENDCOs to network and further their knowledge and expertise on supporting children with SEND.

Within my roles I have worked with a range of professionals; Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, the Hearing and Visual Impaired service, Headteachers and School SENDCOs.

I am passionate about inclusion and supporting all children to be included in their local community accessing language rich environments within pre-schools to allow them to grow and develop. Working together with a range of professionals to then support educational planning to ensure the best possible start when children begin in Year R.

What can I offer?
~home visits to support parents with advice on where to go next, strategies and ideas to work on at home to support their child, advice on starting pre-school /school, support with transition visits, advice on educational planning and the EHC process
~bespoke training workshops for pre-schools and schools either full day courses, half days courses or twilight sessions to meet the needs for individual setting. Visits to undertake observations, provide recommendations and strategies of support for individual programmes for children. I can provide reports to support the educational planning process. Support with meetings with parents and other professionals to discuss next steps in a childs programme of support.
~support to review the processes and procedures of SEND within individual settings.

As a mum myself I know how hard parents work to provide the best for their children. Some parents require additional support if their child has additional or complex needs. Early intervention is key and can provide good foundations as they begin their educational journey. I have learnt so much since I began teaching and I know I can support parents and settings to ensure that children get the best possible start and that high but realistic expectations are set. All children deserve the right to reach their full potential and I will support you to try to ensure that this happens.

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